About Us

Every home is different, and every homeowner has a unique vision for their property. Whatever your needs and demands may be, it’s crucial that you find hardworking professionals who will be dedicated to improving your house.

Trusted Arizona Home Renovation Experts

If you’re looking for an affordable contractor that will get the job done right, then Willcox Home Renovations is the company for you! Our team has been selflessly serving the entire Arizona area for several years now. We love working with clients to create the perfect exterior, but we also engage them in every step of the process. That means you’re an integral member to our team of contractors who will come up with the upgrade you’ve been dreaming of!

A Contractor That You Can Trust

When you think of home renovations, most people picture a messy job that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Most homeowners are not comfortable with the idea of hiring contractors because they don’t know how to find quality workers or what they should expect from them. We’re here to break the barrier. 

Top-notch Siding Services

Our team specializes in siding installation or repair. We can work proficiently with all types of material, whether you want vinyl, metal, fiber cement, or wood. We’re highly flexible with our services and even offer a combination of these things! Everything for the stellar improvement of your home.

Versatile Range of Renovation Projects

But of course, we’re more than just about home exteriors. If you need help spicing up your interior design, remodeling your bath, upgrading your kitchen, or adding a patio, the Willcox team is the right group to call. And every quality work we do comes at a great price too. We understand your situation because we’re homeowners too, you know! So let’s get started with your home improvement today.