Top 8 Reasons To Consider Fiber Cement Siding

Top 8 Reasons To Consider Fiber Cement Siding

No one wants to think about their home being damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster. However, this can happen sooner or later; whether you like it or not so, it’s important to be prepared. The best way to protect your house is to invest in quality siding for your exterior walls. That being said, fiber cement siding is a popular choice among owners for many reasons. If you’re wondering whether you should pull the trigger on this investment, here are the top eight reasons why it’s worth it!

1. Versatile Design Options

When it comes to style, fiber cement sidings come in a variety of textures and colors that will complement any home. It can be made to look like wood, so you can have no reservations about chasing the architectural aesthetic that you wish to implement. More importantly, the material can be painted with various shades to match your desired colored theme.

2. Long-Lasting Durability

Being exposed to the weather daily, durability is crucial for any home exterior. Fortunately, fiber cement sidings are made to last. They have reportedly been able to withstand hail, rain, snow, and even UV rays. It doesn’t bend to temp changes, nor does it rot to moisture, making it a cost-effective investment in the long run. Siding companies are known to provide 30-40 years of warranty for their product, so you can trust that it’ll be a while before you have to overhaul your home’s entire exterior.

3. Low Maintenance Needs

Materials like wood and brick can be a pain to maintain financially and physically. Lucky you, fiber cement doesn’t give you these types of headaches. Apart from an occasional rinse and power wash, fiber cement siding does not need much maintenance at all. Maybe you will need to apply paint every once in a while because UV rays will eventually penetrate and cause the color to fade. It’s not that bad painting fiber cement siding every three years or so, though!

4. Fiber Cement is Fire-Resistant

Living in a place prone to wildfire and other fiery disasters can be very stressful. You never know when flames could spring to life and consume everything on their path. And the last thing you need to worry about is your safety and the well-being of your family. One great way to help protect yourself from dangers like this is by using fiber cement siding.

It offers an almost priceless advantage because it won’t burn as easily as other types of wood material might when exposed to heat and flames. This means that even if there’s a wildfire nearby, the chances are good that this material may survive burning long enough for first responders to come put out the fires before they spread, or everyone inside the house can have ample time to evacuate to safety.

Living in a place prone to wildfire and other fiery disasters can be very stressful.

5. Weather-Resistant

One of the biggest benefits of fiber cement siding is that it is weather-resistant. It can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, such as tornados and hurricanes. This is a feat that materials like vinyl and aluminum can’t do since they can easily get ripped by strong winds. This makes fiber cement an excellent choice for homes in climates with severe weather. Fiber cement siding also doesn’t rot, warp, or peel like some other types of siding materials. No wonder it’s a long-lasting option that will look great for many years.

6. Relatively Affordable

While fiber cement isn’t the cheapest option out there, it’s certainly not the most budget-breaking exterior in existence. It’s more affordable than most metal siding, wood, natural stone, and brick. Generally, the price of fiber cement can range anywhere from $5 – $13, depending on the style, color, and transport conditions. So if you’re looking to save a few bucks but still get an upgraded look and trustworthy durability for your home’s exterior fa├žade, fiber cement is an excellent choice.

7. Fiber Cement is Made from Natural Materials

Unlike vinyl which is made from synthetic polymer, fiber cement is made from a mix of natural materials: Portland cement, sand, cellulose fibers, and water. This makes it an environmentally sustainable choice for your home exterior. Imagine being able to rock a beautiful surface while contributing to the preservation of the environment. Hitting two birds with one stone, eh?

8. Good Insulation Quality

Nobody likes to spend a ton of money each month on their heating and cooling bills. One way to cut down on your home’s energy costs is by using fiber cement siding for the exterior walls. Fiber cement panels are well known for having an insulation quality second only to steel but at considerably less cost than metal. This means that homes with this type of material installed will stay cool in summer and warm in winter without requiring too much energy from your HVAC system or breaking the bank during those months when you use more electricity/natural gas than usual.

To Sum Things Up

Fiber cement siding is popular simply because it’s affordable and does the job right. That’s about it. If you’re looking to save up but not compromise your home’s siding quality, consider inquiring about this material from your trusted contractor.

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